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Dirt Busters - Non slip door mats. Sold in display boxes of 20 units

Available size:
40cm x 60cm

Non-slip rug underlay for all smooth hard floors.  Grips rugs and holds them flat in place.  Available in Rolls and Prepacks.

Available sizes:

Rolls 1.00 m x Pre Packs:
1.00m x 60m
1.00m x 1.50m
1.00m x 2.00m
1.00m x 4.80m

PVC Carpet Protector:

30 Gauge Rolls
Available sizes:

  • 0.69 x 30m
  • 0.69 x 03m
  • 0.69 x 05m

Vynobond - A choice of double sided tape or floor adhesive